커뮤니티 공지사항

Competition main point


1. Event : 30'speed, performace, freestyle battle, best fast team(1 minute)

a. DD speed : 30sec speed event (Junior, U-19, Open).

b. performance : 2munite  to 3minute.

c. freestyle battle : 1 minute (2round) solo jumper skill.

d. best fast team : which team is the best fast event(1 minute)

*a,b event winner is selected for the national team of DDCW2019(korea team)


2. Participation : anybody who loves DD

a. division : 1. junior(under elemantary student),

2. U-19(under middle&high student),

3. Open(over Under-19 )

b. freestyle battle and Fast event : all ages admitted


3. Number of participants : over 3 peaple

a. keep a division ages

b. if mixed ages team should join the oldest member division


4. Music : submit to USB in rehearsal time

(rehearsal time : 12a.m ~ 1p.m)

(each team has a 5minute rehearsal time who team first come)

6. Judge point


artistry(50) - creativity(10), choreography(10), expressivity(10), musicality(10), suitability(10)

technical(50) - accuracy(10), strength(10), skillful(10), functionnal(10), flexibility(10)

if doing a dangerous motion and getting a injury team has no point.


<freestyle battle> - depends on judger's hand.

<fast team> - speed 1minute who highest record.


7. Award : 30'speed 1,2,3 place - certificate of award and medal.

performace 1,2,3 place - certificate of award , trophy and some product.

freestyle battle 1,2 place - certificate of award, trophy some product.

best speed team - certificate of award, trophy and some product.

participantion prize: one team who have many member even no ranking.

popularity award : best cheer team from spectator.

8. Uniform : free but avoid disgusting


9. Entry fee : 30'speed, performance - 100,000won(only speed - 30,000won)

best speed - 30,000won, freestyle battle(solo) - 30, 000won


10. Deadline : Dec 1, 2018(5p.m)


11. Payment : 농협 317-0012-6550-61(사단법인 대한더블더치협회)

if foreign teams can pay cash in hand(korean money)


12. Inquiry : KDDA(korea double dutch assocition),

82+02-2602-4055, text:+8210-9998-3987, Fax:02-2695-9909,

E-Mail :

website : www.kdda.kr




사단법인 대한더블더치협회



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